Professional computer help & support. Home visits are free and charges are only incurred when work has been discussed and carried out. Local home visits are £30.


As a responsible computer professional, I inform the client of every billing policy. I charge locals £30 and remote access from £20 per hour. Most home visits are free and charges are only incurred when work has been discussed and carried out. If the job is only a 10-minute one and work is completed, this will be a one hour charge. Occasionaly some jobs can take a lot of time to complete, prices are then based on the client's needs. I don't give silly pricing schemes or talk in a language you won't understand. On-site service; collect and return on difficult repairs, I offer a highly reliable data recovery service. Successful data recovery is 80%. I am highly experienced in dealing with any loss of data. I will be able to offer you more details regarding data recovery during the callout.


I custom build pc's and offer advice on buying, to suit whatever budget. I can obtain components, getting you the best deal possible. Then, quickly and professionally install them. When you buy a computer from a supplier, you do not have all the software you need to get your system going. For example: office applications, photo-imaging applications, and educational software. I am able to obtain software & also instruct you on the best way of getting the most out of these applications. If you are not confident installing software or you suspect the configuration is not correct, I can correct this for you. I provide one to one tuition with any computer related topic, including office and operating system queries.

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I support all computer/laptop operating systems including: Microsoft products, Linux(Ubuntu), Apple & others, servicing software issues. I can offer advice on small network design, wireless LAN, router, cabling and network trouble shooting. I will also be able to custom design, implement and install a network to suit your needs. I fix most internet connection problems. If you require any training on certain aspect of usage of the internet, I can also help. Computer infections, Malware & viruses are growing increasely with the popularity of the internet and the ease in which a virus can spread. Installing an Anti-virus program will help secure your PC and help avoid losing important documents. Need a website? I build websites for small businesses and home users, contact Leafnode for more info.

Open 9am to 7pm - 6 day's a week & closed on Sundays

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